Supporting the formulation and implementation of research projects

One of the key tasks of the Foundation is supporting University lines of research related to development, contributing to the design and implementation of research projects which are important for the inclusive and sustainable development of disadvantaged countries and which generate scientific production.

In this regard, the collaboration of Loyola in the foundation’s cooperation projects will enable the university to also fulfil in this area its commitment to the service of justice and development.

The foundation was born from a long history of cooperation in the field of rural territorial development, which continues today. From there synergies and opportunities arose -over 200 interventions have been made since 2002- which opened the institute’s activity up to fields such as regional integration, support of cooperation policies, promotion of the development of micro and small businesses or education for development. These lines of action have been enriched and extended with new university lines of research, giving rise to projects in areas such as psychology, engineering or international relations.