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At Fundación ETEA, Development Institute of Universidad Loyola, we put research at the service of development. We specialise in the implementation of international cooperation projects and programmes. We also conduct consultancies, studies, technical assistance and evaluations.

The Development Institute’s work team is supported by the research staff of Universidad Loyola. In this way, we combine scientific knowledge and training with the use of cutting-edge methodologies and technological innovation.

The projects and services of Fundación ETEA

Research and action in the field of development determine our activities in projects and consultancy. We focus mainly on four thematic priority areas:


Rural development and agricultural policies

Design and evaluation of development and cooperation policies

Central America in the 21st century

The Development Institute in the world

Over 30 years, our institution has carried out nearly 300 projects and consultancies. We have experience in more than twenty countries in Latin America, Europe, Maghreb and Southeast Asia.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Central America (Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize), Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru and Paraguay.

Europe and Africa

Spain and the rest of the European Union, Macedonia, Georgia, Morocco and Equatorial Guinea.

Southeast Asia

Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and East Timor.

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Academic Research and Development

Living Development from the University

Scientific and dissemination publications

Read our academic articles, studies, reports, guides, manuals, books and working papers.

revista fomento social

Revista de Fomento Social

Universidad Loyola’s multidisciplinary, open access journal on Development Studies is aimed primarily at researchers, students and development practitioners.

doctorado desarrollo inclusivo y sostenible

PhD in Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Are you interested in a teaching and research career in the field of development? Then visit this doctoral programme at Universidad Loyola.

Fundación etea is a social initiative of the Society of Jesus

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Discover our mission

We promote an Integral and Human, Solidary and Inclusive, and Sustainable Development

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Learn more about our networks

We count on many collaborating entities and partner institutions.

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Consult our annual report

Access to our annual report and financial statements.