Our research lines and areas of expertise

Cooperation and education for development

Contribute to the theoretical development and generate evidence on approaches that offer a global conceptualisation of the principles, objectives and instruments that contribute to the promotion of development and global justice and the fight against poverty and exclusion.

Rural development and agricultural policies

Studying the sustainable development of rural territories, family farming and agri-food systems in general, so as to facilitate the incorporation of disadvantaged populations into the general development dynamics of countries under more equitable conditions.

Social prevention of violence

Research on the application of methodologies that contribute to the prevention of the various types of violence in society, with a strong emphasis on gender-based violence and with special attention to the most vulnerable groups.

Regionalism and development

Determining, from a multidisciplinary perspective, the contributions of the regional approach and regional integration processes to development, applying the analysis particularly to Central America.

Renewable energy and energy poverty

Studying the use of sustainable and efficient energies in the fight against poverty, in social welfare and wealth generation, and how to transfer knowledge and know-how, in this case to impoverished countries.

Behavioral Economics

Analysing aspects of economic reality through experimental methodology in order to try to understand the behaviour of people when making economic decisions. More info: LoyolaBehLAB


Analysing social problems related to migration, human rights and technologies from a multidisciplinary, academic and practical perspective, capable of achieving a positive impact on social inclusion, without forgetting gender mainstreaming.