Mission and aims

Our mission:

Within the context of The Society of Jesus mission to serve and promote justice, especially in border areas, the mission of the foundation is to promote an Integral and Human, Solidary and Inclusive, and Sustainable Development, playing a key role in building a global university opened to the world.

Our mission is fulfilled:

  • Contributing to the internal transformation of social, economic and political structures, but engaging the active participation of beneficiaries.
  • At a university level, simultaneously favoring however an effective presence on the ground, as well as the personal commitment of its members.
  • In aid of the poorest and most marginalized people in societies experiencing serious problems of injustice.


Fundación ETEA works intensively:

  • To promote inclusive and sustainable development, particularly in developing countries, through the knowledge of claimed policies and issues in development, based on cutting-edge research.
  • To promote relevant research for an inclusive and sustainable development policy, especially in developing countries.
  • To generate a greater understanding of the process of inclusive and sustainable development (not just of economic growth) and of the policy and institutional interventions necessary to support it.
  • To integrate the work of researchers with policy makers in developing countries.
  • To promote identification and concentration on key investigation questions, which are significant for inclusive and sustainable development.
  • To consider the claim made by development policy makers in countries and also, to consider where there are huge knowledge gaps in existing literature in order to identify relevant issues.