University service-learning as a tool for development education in the higher education field

  • Country: España
    Location: Seville and Córdoba
    Start date: 01/09/2019
    End date: 31/12/2020
    Applicant(s): Fundación ETEA
    Partner(s): University Loyola
    Funder: AACID
    Funding: 39.990,00 EUR
    Research line: Humanities

The project aims to carry out Service Learning (SL) experiences by students in the first years of university degrees. The services proposed to be carried out by the students are actions of EfD, insofar as they are proposed as an educational process aimed at generating critical awareness of the local and global reality and providing tools for participation and social transformation in terms of justice and solidarity. It is based on a framework of building a critical global citizenship that is politically active and socially committed to fair and equitable human development for all. In ApS, as opposed to a welfare service, people are at the centre of the action and are served insofar as they have their own dignity, are holders of rights and not only recipients of solidarity. Therefore, the focus of the service is on social transformation, respect and recognition and the search for the effective realisation of rights.

The working team involved in this ApS project are researchers from the ETEA Foundation – Institute of Development of the Loyola Andalucía University and the Department of Humanities and Philosophy of the University. Several people linked to the NGOs that have joined this initiative, Entreculturas and InteRed, are also part of the team.