Technical assistance for updating the local development strategy of the municipality of Dedoplistskaro, Georgia

  • Country: Georgia
    Location: Dedoplistskaro
    Start date: 01/09/2019
    End date: 30/11/2020
    Funder: European Union (through HEKS-EPER Georgia)

The Promoting Citizen Engagement for Economic Development Project (PROCEED) is a four-year initiative based on the LEADER approach and aims to contribute to poverty reduction in the municipality of Dedoplistskaro in the Kakheti region. The overall objective of the project, poverty reduction, will be achieved by improving employment and income opportunities for community members, as well as improving access to social, environmental and economic services as elements of a dignified life.

The main objective of the technical assistance “Expert Service for Updating Local Development Strategy for Dedoplistskaro Municipality” will be to facilitate the renewal of the Dedoplistskaro Local Action Group’s local development strategy in anticipation of the growing global economic crisis and associated changes in global and local development priorities, in addition to the expected exposure of the LAG to significantly reduced donor support following the end of PROCEED in November 2020.

The refreshed strategy document will be shared with: local stakeholders in Dedoplistskaro, such as LAG members, municipal government officials, community leaders, economic and social sector stakeholders and representatives of non-governmental organisations; national and international stakeholders, such as line ministries, donors, UN agencies and other actors engaged in local development in Dedoplistskaro.