Reactivating the organic family farmer economy in Paraguay through a network of smart devices based on the internet of things (IOT)

  • Country: Spain – Paraguay
    Start date: 12/02/2022
    End date: 11/02/2024
    Applicant: Fundación ETEA, University Loyola
    Local partner(s): Alter Vida, Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Cooperativa Manduvirá
    Funder: AACID
    Funding: 79.690,00 EUR

The aim is to contribute to the reactivation of family farming damaged by COVID19 through innovative, low-cost and environmentally friendly technology to improve productivity, competitiveness and sustainability by optimising resources (water, energy, soil nutrients) through:

  • Deploying a network of low-cost IoT-based smart devices.
  • Implementing distributed intelligence in IoT devices to estimate field variables (mainly humidity and temperature).
  • Developing advanced automatic control systems for irrigation in real time, according to detected needs, which allows preserving aquifers, soil quality and reducing costs associated with water pumping.
  • To train producers in innovative technologies through training and technical assistance processes to improve agro-ecological production capacity.
  • Disseminate technology and transfer know-how to the public, private and academic sectors to ensure sustainability, replicability and scaling up.