Promoting local competitiveness for poverty reduction in vulnerable populations through sustainable and inclusive value chains in Western Honduras

  • Country: Honduras
    Location: Alto Lempa-Montaña de Güisayote- Valles de Sensenti y Cucuyagua y Montaña de Celaque
    Start date: 01/01/2019
    End date: 01/05/2023
    Applicant(s): CESAL
    Partner(s): Fundación ETEA
    Funder: AECID
    Funding: 2.500.000,00 EUR
    Research line: Rural Development

The Agreement aims to contribute to poverty reduction by improving incomes in vulnerable communities in western Honduras. Priority is given to 15 municipalities belonging to four commonwealths, all of which are adjacent to each other, forming a natural corridor that can be described as follows: Alto Lempa-Montaña de Güisayote- Valles de Sensenti and Cucuyagua and Montaña de Celaque. Territorial competitiveness will be improved by working under the scheme of value chains and social inclusion actions. Four consolidated production chains are identified (Basic Grains, Vegetables, Honey and Coffee) and other emerging potentials (Agrotourism, Avocado, Banana). Productivity, resilience to climate change and transformation processes with higher market value will be improved.

Four development results and several lines of work per result are proposed: contribute to local and territorial development through institutional strengthening to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth; develop territorial governance systems of associations to support the local economic business fabric; improve the productivity and competitiveness of rural producers through access to market systems under an environmentally sustainable approach; and develop channels for access to markets and inclusive financing.