Permanent Seminar “Contributing from the university to the achievement of the SDGs from its research mission”

  • Country: Spain
    Location: Córdoba and Seville
    Start date: 01/02/2018
    End date: 30/06/2018
    Applicant: Fundación ETEA
    Partner: University Loyola
    Funder: Secretaría de Estado de Cooperación Internacional y para Iberoamérica y el Caribe (SECIPIC), Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación (MAEC)
    Funding: 15.048,84 EUR
    Research line: Development; Economy; Communication and Education; Psicology:  Engineering; Business Management

One of the objectives of this Permanent Seminar is to reflect on the contribution that the civil society-university alliance can make to the SDGs through applied research that is useful to society. Many of the goals that have been defined for the different SDGs include the need for this alliance in order to make progress on the Agenda.

Loyola Andalucía University actively participates in this permanent seminar or cycle of seminars, as each session of the seminar is co-organised by researchers from the different lines of research related to the topics being addressed.

Specifically, the sessions included are the following:

  • SESSION 1: The 2030 Agenda: challenges for the University
  • SESSION 2: How do companies communicate, from their commitment to social responsibility, their contribution to the achievement of the SDGs?
  • SESSION 3: Communicating for inclusion. Advertising, campaigns and awareness-raising for social change
  • SESSION 4: Foreign arbitration rulings: Too arbitrary? 60 years of the New York Convention
  • SESSION 5: Zero hunger, but at what price? Food messages in advertising and mass media. Influence on children’s eating habits
  • SESSION 6: Beyond diagnosis. Research in Psychology and Social Sciences at the service of a fairer world
  • SESSION 7: Communicative research methodology: Methodological keys for research with social and scientific impact that overcomes inequalities
  • SESSION 8: Refugees and human mobility
  • SESSION 9: Challenges and opportunities in sustainable development