Microfinance innovations for agricultural development in western Honduras

  • Country: Honduras
    Location: La Paz and Santa Bárbara
    Start date: 02/01/2019
    End date: 30/09/2021
    Applicant(s): Fundación ETEA
    Local partner(s): Asociación de Productores de Café de Marcala (ADOPCAM)
    Funder: Cabildo Catedral de Córdoba
    Funding: 50.000,00 EUR

The aim of this intervention is to improve the quality of life of small coffee and cocoa producers by contributing to their economic growth through access to credit for productive activity, enabling them to stabilise their liquidity throughout the year and improve their competitive capacity in terms of sales conditions.

This initiative aims to create a credit programme for agricultural producers’ cooperatives consisting of three financing funds for the allocation of liquidity through micro factoring and micro confirming to small and medium cocoa and coffee producers from three cooperatives in the Departments of La Paz and Santa Bárbara.

This programme will enable producers (421 small farmers) to obtain liquidity to face the production cycle with greater security and to make the necessary investments and expenses to face each phase of the production cycle. The cooperatives will also be strengthened in credit and financial management and marketing.