IV International Congress of Development Studies. “Research on Development against the limits of globalization”

  • Country: Spain
    Location: Córdoba
    Start date: 10/01/2018
    End date: 31/01/2019
    Applicant: Fundación ETEA
    Partner: University Loyola
    Funder: REEDES, SEGIB, Fundación La Caixa, SECIPIC, registration fees

The objective of the IV International Congress of Development Studies was to convene an academic meeting of international relevance so that the epistemic community of Development Studies, especially those linked to the Spanish Network of Development Studies (REEDES), could share the advances in the knowledge of this scientific discipline.

Among the results of the event, more than 200 researchers were brought together to present their most recent work in the field of Development Studies. And a whole series of parallel or reinforcement activities have been promoted for the discipline: call for prizes, workshops, journal monographs around the congress, project and research group meetings, etc.