International Students’ Action for Adapting Cross-cultural activities (ISAAC)

  • Country: Europe
    Location: Poland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Republic of North Macedonia
    Start date: 01/11/2020
    End date: 30/11/2022
    Consortium: WSEI (Polonia), COFAC Cooperativa de Formacao e Animacao Cultural CRL (Portugal), Panepistimio Thessalias (Grecia), Fundación ETEA (España), Proficio Skopje (República de Macedonia del Norte)
    Funder: European Commission
    Funding: 203.068,00 EUR

The aim of the project is to create a cooperation network and support model for international students, as well as useful tools to help them adapt to the new environment, in order to strengthen the international character of universities in countries that are less attractive to students based on the experience of more attractive countries.

The main objective of ISAAC is to investigate the needs and problems faced by international students and to prepare additional materials and guides to help them acclimatise to the new environment and improve collaboration with university staff. For the institution participating in the project, it is an opportunity to exchange knowledge and good practice with other educational institutions in Europe. The project aims to improve the popularity of less popular countries among foreign students through the experiences of more popular countries.

Activities and featured products

  • Presentation event of the ISAAC project results (29.11.2022)