Innovation for food safety and the circular economy: reuse of agro-industrial waste for the production of food flour and bioplastics in Honduras

  • Country: Honduras
    Start date: 01/11/2022
    End date: 30/12/2024
    Applicants: Universidad de Sevilla, Fundación ETEA, Cauchos Pedro Romero S.L
    Local partner(s): Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH)
    Funder: AECID
    Funding: 423.666,00 EUR

The project will contribute to the food and nutritional security of 100 families at risk of food insecurity in the Department of El Paraíso, Honduras, generating alternatives for the use of waste and agro-industrial by-products of crops affected by climate change, by strengthening innovation and development of sustainable products.

The initiative is based on the experience already proven in a pilot plant, built with funding from the European Union within the framework of the EUROSAN project, for the generation of flour and bioplastics located in the area (UNAH-TEC Danlí). In this context, the production of flours will be promoted and extended locally, characterizing them and validating their use, as well as developing foods from them. Regarding the remnants, the production of bioplastics will be extended on a larger scale for the development of biodegradable kitchen utensils in the context of integral use and circular economy.

Expected results:
R.1 Strengthened capacities of producing families in the development of flour from agro-waste
R.2 Strengthened institutional capacities in innovation and production of flour and bioplastics
R.3 Promoted replicability and scaling of innovation

More information about the project (Spanish)