Improving the quality of life of cocoa- and coffee-producing families in Western Honduras

  • Country: Honduras
    Start date: 10/02/2020
    End date: 10/02/2022
    Applicant(s): Fundación ETEA
    Local partner(s): Cooperativa Cafetalera Fraternidad Ecológica Limitada CAFEL
    Funder: AECID
    Funding: 448.600,00 EUR

The objective of this project is to improve the productivity and income of coffee and cocoa producing families in seven municipalities in western Honduras, affected by significant levels of poverty and food insecurity as a result of climatic phenomena, lack of basic public services and inadequate development opportunities. This proposal aims to contribute to improving the quality of life of these families by improving the quality and productivity of cocoa and coffee crops, and their productive linkage with new markets that offer better prices, with a focus on environmental sustainability and adaptation to climate change. In addition, other complementary business activities, such as ecotourism, will be promoted. This intervention path will also increase employment and self-employment opportunities for families in the intervention area, with the indigenous population (Maya-Chortí), youth and women in particular in mind.


R1) Increased area under cocoa cultivation and climate change adaptation actions on the farms
R2) Diversification and new techniques implemented to improve coffee and cocoa production
R3) Increased capacity of micro-enterprises in management and value addition to cocoa and coffee
R4) Consolidated marketing channels for the sale of coffee, cocoa and their by-products

In response to gender inequalities, actions are included aimed at strengthening women’s access to economic resources, based on their incorporation both in the production of new areas of cocoa and specialty coffee; In addition, work will be carried out directly to strengthen the Network of Honduran Cocoa and Chocolate Women (REDMUCH) and the Women’s Coffee Alliance of Honduras (AMUCAFE) to improve the technical capacities of members, find new market niches for women and promote organisation for political advocacy in decision-making spaces, with a positive impact on the conditions and positions of women in the area.