Study of competences and social skills of pupils of migrant origin in secondary education that inform on inequalities and educational gap caused by COVID-19

  • Country: España
    Location: Andalusia
    Start date: 15/02/2021
    End date: 14/02/2023
    Applicant(s): Fundación ETEA
    Funder: AACID
    Funding: 71.300,00 EUR
    Research line: Behavioural economy

At school the children of origin learn the language, the culture and above all make friends. However, sometimes things don’t work out. Young people sometimes do not integrate with their peers. In this case school is no longer an integrating mechanism but a hostile environment and the advantages mentioned above disappear.

This project seeks first to measure the social integration – using network mechanisms – of young migrants and non-migrants in a dozen Andalusian schools. Secondly, we will measure a variety of students’ skills (cognitive skills, creativity and generosity, for example). Thirdly, we will contact the parents – migrant and non-migrant – of the adolescents to obtain information on the impact of covid19 on their economic situation.

Finally, we will work with specialised entities and educational authorities to disseminate results and make recommendations to reduce inequalities derived from COVID19.