Educating for life, peace and gender equality, implementing the INTEMO methodology in schools in Nicaragua

  • Country: Nicaragua
    Location: Managua
    Start date: 01/04/2017
    End date: 31/03/2019
    Applicant(s): Fundación ETEA
    Local partner(s): Fe y Alegría de Nicaragua
    Funder: AACID
    Funding: 300.000,00 EUR
    Research line: Psicology

This project aims to have an impact on the reduction of violence in young people through the INTEMO emotional education programme. The technical team and teachers of FyA Nicaragua, students and teachers of the Central American University of Managua, will be trained and will replicate the training in cascade to another group of teachers to then apply the INTEMO programme to secondary school students from 9 educational centres. In addition, cultural and recreational activities are proposed, such as theatre, music, drawing, poetry and public speaking, related to topics of interest to adolescents such as bullying, teenage pregnancy, gender and masculinities. These activities will raise awareness among the entire school population in order to develop awareness and mobilisation processes from a rights-based approach. At the same time, awareness-raising activities for parents will be included. In this way, the project will promote relationships that contribute to the avoidance of violence and good coexistence in all areas of life.

The aim of the intervention is to contribute to the improvement of the well-being of Nicaraguan adolescents by improving the management of emotional processes in the Nicaraguan adolescent population and their families.