Digitization and agroecology for the adaptation to climate change of Paraguayan peasant family agriculture

  • Country: Paraguay
    Start date: 20/09/2022
    End date: 19/03/2024
    Applicants: Universidad Loyola, Fundación ETEA, Fundación Ayesa
    Local partner(s): Alter Vida
    Funder: AECID
    Funding: 342.878,00 EUR

The project contributes to the digitalization of peasant family agriculture in Paraguay through the implementation of low-cost technologies that conserve natural resources (water, soil, energy) by deploying a network of devices that estimate field variables (humidity, temperature), as well as weather stations for monitoring short-term climate variables. Agricultural plots managed with agroecological criteria that contribute to technological improvement will be used as measurement units. The use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) aimed at improving productive and market decision-making processes will be promoted. The enhancement of these technologies and their advantages will be supported to improve the competitiveness of value chains and the adaptation of agriculture to the variability caused by climate change. The participation of women will be encouraged to achieve their full inclusion in technological initiatives.

R1. Innovative technologies with low environmental impact and agroecological techniques based on water and soil conservation improve the productivity and sustainability of the productive systems of small rural producers.
R2. Producers and agricultural technicians know and appropriate innovative technologies and developed agroecological techniques.
R3. The access and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) improve the organization and competitiveness of producer associations. Producers will improve the management of production and marketing processes through the use of digital platforms.