Development of (self-)sustainable social and economic strategies to recover the social and productive fabric affected by climate change and COVID19 in the DO Café Marcala region in Western Honduras

  • Country: Honduras
    Start date: 24/01/2022
    End date: 30/06/2024
    Applicant(s): Fundación ETEA
    Local partner(s): Asociación Denominación de Origen Café Marcala
    Funder: AACID
    Funding: 299.870,00 EUR

The aim of the project is to develop (self-) sustainable social and economic strategies in 13 Lenca municipalities in La Paz. These municipalities suffer from high levels of poverty and food insecurity as a result of climate change and inadequate development opportunities, which have been worsened during the covid19 pandemic.

It is intended to contribute to the quality of life in Lenca communities in western Honduras during and after the pandemic caused by covid19 through 4 outcomes:

  • Promoted socio-economic processes that put the sustainability of life at the centre based on the community traditions of the Lenca population
  • Improved position of organised women and youth in productive chains with greater potential
  • Strengthened marketing and positioning of coffee from the DO Marcala region
  • Adopted climate change resilience measures that allow for the recovery of the productive fabric of the DO Marcala region