Developing methodologies for the production of healthy food and beverages from coffee by-products

  • Country: Honduras
    Location: Marcala
    Start date: 02/04/2019
    End date: 02/10/2020
    Applicant(s): Consejo regulador DO Marcala, Fundación ETEA
    Funder: EUROSAN INNOVA (European Union)
    Funding: 331.571,00 EUR

The main objective of the intervention is to “Contribute to the improvement of the nutritional status of coffee-growing families in the Lenca region, incorporating technologies and value-added processes to coffee by-products”, based on the development of a methodology for the use of coffee by-products, specifically pulp in the production of flour and tea, as a source of food for coffee-growing families.


R1) To develop methodologies that allow the use of coffee by-products as a source of healthy and nutritious food
R2) Contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of coffee-growing families, generating income from the added value of coffee by-products
R3) Promote the consumption of healthy and nutritious food, derived from coffee, in the coffee growing families of the Lenca region

The project will be developed in the region protected by the Marcala Coffee DO, which comprises 19 municipalities located in the Montecillos mountain range. The target group of the action will be 120 people (20 people working in the wet mills and 20 families, consisting of an average of 5 people per family); once the methodology for obtaining coffee flour has been defined, the final beneficiaries will be the 2365 producers/as members of ADOPCAM, 92% of whom own less than 10Mz. The main focus of the project will be on innovation, management and knowledge transfer, so 10 wet mills will be chosen for the study.