Expert Course in Transformative Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

  • Country: International
    Start date: 01/06/2023
    End date: 28/02/2024
    Participating entities: Fundación InteRed and Fundación ETEA – Development Institute, Universidad Loyola
    Funder: Andalusian Agency for International Development Cooperation – AACID

The project in which the course is framed aims to contribute to a global citizenship that is aware of and committed to development and social transformation in Andalusia, through specialised training processes in cooperation for development.

To this end, the course aims to strengthen capacities, competencies and attitudes of citizens as cooperation agents, especially people interested in deepening cooperation and Transformative Education, with a view to recycling or preparation for future employment.

Special emphasis will be placed on people linked to the field of education: educators in formal and non-formal education, graduates who are completing their studies, students of the Master’s Degree in Education, candidates for competitive examinations, professionals from NGOs working in DE, and teachers from Loyola and other universities in Andalusia and the rest of Andalusia and Spain.

The methodology proposed for the course has a virtual format, i.e., it will be developed mainly online, but will include a face-to-face closing activity. For the development of the virtual sessions, the InteRed Moodle platform will be used, where all the didactic material and the recordings of the synchronous webinars will be uploaded, and where the personal work of the course will be carried out. The virtual sessions may be synchronous or asynchronous.

For further information, please visit: Fundación InteRed