Advising on the pilot phase of preparation of the PAMEx Local Invest Finance Facility (PLIFF)

  • Country: España
    Start date: 01/09/2022
    End date: 30/06/2025
    Applicant: Fundación ETEA – Development Institute of Universidad Loyola
    Client: R20 Foundation
    Funder: AECID
    Funding: 100.000,00 EUR

R20: Regions of Climate Change, an international Foundation based in Geneva Switzerland has benefited a grant from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) signed on for the preparation pilot phase of the PAMEX Locally Investment Finance Facility (PLIFF) project, the purpose of which is to support eligible subnational authorities and their local private partners to contribute to the objectives of the PAMEX 2030.

Four general outputs have been agreed between R20 and AECID to accomplish the preparation pilot phase of PLIFF:
Output 1: Participation to Hot Spot Mediterranean Cartography with Social SDG and multidimensional development impacts of PLIFF in partnership with Fundación ETEA.
Output 2: Identify and develop potential portfolio of projects for the identified hot spots with Spanish stake holders (Spanish region to region and city to city decentralized cooperation and Spanish private sector).
Output 3: Hot Spot (4) participatory workshops for presenting the PLIFF and finalize the portfolio of projects with the support of Spanish stakeholders (SREC).
Output 4: Coordination, fundraising, communication with first close of PLIFF and special high level side event at COP 27 then COP28.

This consultancy focuses on the participation in the Hot Spot Mediterranean Cartography (output 1) with Social SDG and multidimensional development impacts of PLIFF in partnership with Posaidon Earth Capital appointed by the French Development Agency (AFD). In addition, Fundación ETEA will participate in a training process concerning to regulatory framework capacity building of Mediterranean local governments.