Mercedes Torres


Mercedes Torres Jiménez


Vice-Rector for Research and Professor at Loyola Andalucía University (and previously at ETEA). PhD cum laude in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Cordoba. She belongs to the Development Studies research group (GED) and the Quantitative Research Methods and Applications group (MICA) at Loyola Andalucía University, as well as to the group “Artificial Learning and Neural Networks”, AYRNA, at the University of Cordoba, PAI group of the Andalusian Government TIC-148 since 2000. The subject matter of her research is interdisciplinary, although her speciality is the application of novel computational techniques such as artificial neural networks and evolutionary algorithms, together with classical advanced statistical techniques to solve real problems in different economic fields (economics, business, international cooperation, criminology, migration, etc). She also has extensive experience working in international development cooperation (distribution of official international development aid, evaluation methodologies for university development cooperation, digital divide in vulnerable populations, etc.).