The Revista de Fomento Social reinforces its commitment to open-access scientific dissemination 

Recently, the Journal of Social Promotion of Loyola University has joined two of the most important international repositories of scientific publications: DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) and REDIB (Red Iberoamericana de Innovación y Conocimiento Científico).

With its inclusion in these platforms, the Journal reinforces the University’s commitment to display its contents in open access without restrictions and bring them closer to the largest possible number of readers, thus contributing to the democratization of knowledge.

The Revista de Fomento Social continues to renew itself continuously and, in its current stage, has proposed to follow the editorial evaluation processes of these databases and meet the criteria required by the reference directories.

The oldest popular science journal in Spain

Fomento Social is the oldest popular science journal in Spain, with 75 years of activity and more than 300 issues published.

The publication deals with topics related to the multidisciplinary approach to development and approaches this issue from fields as diverse as economics, law, communication, education, sociology, international relations, health, politics and engineering, among others. It also pays special attention to the ethical dimension implicit in all of them.

A special link with research in development

As part of its commitment to research in the field of development, the Journal maintains a close relationship with other bodies of Loyola University, especially with its Development Institute – ETEA Foundation.

Thus, in its 301st issue, the Journal dedicated a special edition to some of the research awarded in the Call for Papers 2020 “Central American Integration towards the Bicentennial of Independence and 30 years of the Central American Integration System (SICA)”, an initiative supported by the foundation through the European project “Living Integration from the Academy”.

The Journal is also the platform for the publication of the winning papers of the Loyola University Award for Research in Development, which is currently in its third edition.