Service-learning as a tool for global citizenship education in higher education. An application of Ignatian pedagogy in the University

  • Authors:
    Eduardo Ibáñez Ruiz del Portal, Cecilia de Arriba Rivas, Lorenzo Estepa Mohedano.
    ETEA Foundation – Institute of Development of Loyola Andalucía University.
    Year: 2021


This publication presents the impact and key results of the service-learning project carried out at Loyola Andalucía University, one of the phases of which was financed by AACID through the project “University service-learning as a tool for development education in the field of higher education“.

The purpose of this report is to account for and evaluate the adaptation of the Service-Learning (SL) methodology at Loyola Andalucía University in recent years. It is an innovative educational methodology that is faithful to Ignatian pedagogy.

From our perspective, the university should be a project of social transformation. One of the fundamental tasks of the university, in addition to the study/research of the serious problems of society in order to find solutions, is the integral formation of students…men and women for others and with others, agents of change and transformation.

This systematization is organized, illustrating firstly what service-learning consists of, specifying its practice in the university; and, secondly, sharing the main results of the research conducted on the service-learning program carried out in the 2019-20 course, incorporating the experience gained throughout the work done since the 2014-15 course began working with the service-learning methodology at the university.

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