University Loyola, its Development Institute and CENPROMYPE join forces to strengthen the capacity of key MSME stakeholders in Central America

Signing of the agreement

On Friday, June 11, the signing ceremony of the Specific Cooperation Agreement was held between the Center for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprises in Central America (CEMPROMYPE), University Loyola and its Development Institute, Fundación ETEA. The objective of the agreement is to strengthen the capacity of the strategic actors of MSMEs in Central America to understand the dynamics and potential of regional integration in the execution of agreements and joint instruments to support MSMEs.

The meeting was attended by David Cabrera, interim executive director of CENPROMYPE; María del Mar Manzano, coordinator of the Knowledge Management Area of CENPROMYPE; José Manuel Martín, executive director of Fundación ETEA – Development Institute of University Loyola; and Pedro Caldentey, director of the Economics Department of University Loyola.

The purpose of the agreement is the design and implementation of a training program aimed at officials of CENPROMYPE, collaborating institutions of SICA and governing institutions of MSMEs in SICA countries, as well as staff of cooperation projects in the field of support to MSMEs and consultants or researchers working in the field of actions promoted by CENPROMYPE. The training program will be directed by Pedro Caldentey and will include both Central American and Loyola University professors.

Commitment to the Central American region

CENPROMYPE is a regional institution attached to the Central American Integration System (SICA) and the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA), whose objective is to contribute to improving the competitiveness and access of MSEs to the regional and international market, promoting Central American integration and the coherence of policies to promote the sector.

Giving continuity to its long history of collaboration with Central American institutions, in 2016 Fundación ETEA and University Loyola signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement with CEMPROMYPE with the objective of establishing a general framework in which to generate collaborative relationships between both parties, to promote research on the relevance and impact of the MSME sector in the development of the region and within the framework of regional integration. In addition to establishing ties of cooperation and mutual coordination for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.