Emotional Intelligence for professional workers in the sector of attention to victims of gender violence in Santa Rosa de Copán.

Dr. Pilar Aguilar during the workshop at the Elvir Hotel in Santa Rosa de Copán (Honduras).


The ‘Burnout and Emotional Regulation’ workshop was recently held at the Elvir Hotel in Santa Rosa de Copán (Honduras), aimed at representatives of institutions working on the issue of care and prevention of gender-based violence. This training module was coordinated by Dr. Pilar Aguilar, professor and researcher of the Psychology Department of the Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Spain.

The meeting was attended by professionals from public and private institutions who, from various fields, provide care to women who suffer gender-based violence (psychologists, doctors, lawyers, etc.). At the end of the training, the beneficiaries highlighted the need to receive these courses and how they are of great help in promoting job and personal satisfaction.

An experiential methodology

As this is a training on emotional regulation, the first step was to work on the emotional connection of the audience, through a group meditation session facilitated by Professor Aguilar. In fact, one of the requirements for participation was to deposit cell phones in a box so as not to have access to them during the five-hour session.

The workshop used a very experiential methodology, where the participants were a direct part of the training, carrying out group and individual activities aimed at reflecting on what the teacher was commenting on a theoretical level. The participants commented on their own experiences and how the knowledge they were receiving in the training was translated into concrete actions.

A project focused on services for victims of gender violence.

This training activity is part of the project entitled “Contributing to the improvement of care services for victims of gender-based violence in Santa Rosa de Copán (Honduras)”, an intervention aimed at reducing burnout syndrome and job rotation in professionals working with women victims of gender-based violence.

The ETEA Foundation and Casa Hogar Santa Rosa de Copán thus continue their work to strengthen institutional capacities, on this occasion with the financial support of the Foundation for the Training and Practice of Psychology – FUNCOP.