Participation of women, youth and indigenous people in coffee production

  • Authors:
    Pedro Pablo Pérez Hernández (Coord.), María Auxiliadora González Portillo, José M. Martín Lozano, Alfonso Carlos Martínez Estudillo
    Fundación ETEA para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación.
    Year: 2018


This research work analyses the participation of women, young people and the indigenous population in coffee production. The research will identify the activities in which women, young people and the Lenca population are mainly engaged, as well as the main weaknesses, obstacles and potential they face in order to actively participate in this area. The main focuses of the research will be gender, youth and multiculturalism.

This research is part of the project financed by a European Union grant to the Association of Designation of Origin Café Marcala (ADOPCAM), entitled “Inclusion of the Lenca Indigenous People in processes of advocacy and local economic development in 7 municipalities of the Department of La Paz, with the support of the Designation of Origin Café Marcala and its strategic allies”.

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