Strategic plan for the development of the Puca community 2015-2019

  • Authors:
    Luis Fernández Portillo, Lorenzo Estepa Mohedano, José M. Martín Lozano
    Fundación ETEA para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación. Colección Documentos de Proyecto nº 1
    Year: 2015


Rural territories in Honduras continue to be plagued by rural poverty. For some time now, local authorities in rural areas have been exploring collaboration formulas that allow them to generate a favorable environment for the integral development processes of their territories. Thus, the commonwealths of municipalities do not limit their actions to the mere joint provision of public services, but rather enter into planning processes for the development of their territories, with the active participation of the rural population. These processes increase interaction and collaboration between civil society and public administrators, while allowing the identification of problems and strategic solutions to emerge from the local population.

International cooperation institutions actively participate with local agents in these planning processes, sharing knowledge and experience, and channeling economic and human resources. The ETEA Foundation for Development and Cooperation has been supporting these processes in western Honduras for ten years.

In this work, a participatory planning methodology is applied to an issue of crucial importance for the inhabitants of the Mancomunidad Puca: ensuring their food and nutritional security. This gives access to a deep knowledge of the reality surrounding this problem, while at the same time allowing the establishment of precise and adjusted measures, since the local population is involved.

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