Systematization: an improvement opportunity for impact measurement and learning. Reflections and contributions for Andalusian NGDOs

  • Authors:
    Mª José Vázquez de Francisco, Antonio Sianes Castaño, Francisco Santos Carrillo, Pablo Simón Rodríguez
    Fundación ETEA para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación
    Year: 2015


This work aims to contribute to promote the development and dissemination of an evaluation culture among Andalusian cooperation agents by taking advantage of previous experiences and evaluations carried out in the sector. To this end, two fundamental objectives are proposed:

  • On the one hand, to reflect on the current problems faced by Andalusian organizations to include systematization and evaluation in their management procedures, mainly the evaluation of the contribution of a development cooperation intervention to the achievement of its long-term objectives, as part of the accountability process.
  • And on the other hand, to propose a methodology to collect the previous experiences of the organizations (systematizing), managing the knowledge generated during the development processes, preparing and facilitating the evaluation and improving the accountability processes, in a framework respectful of the processes and times that lead to an improvement in human welfare and development.

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