Microcredit: macro-solution to eradicate poverty

  • Authors:
    Elisa Ferrari (coord. editorial), Carlos Aquiles Guimaraes (coord. técnica), Antonio Sianes (coord. científica), Isabel López Cobo, Emilio Morales-Fernández,  Pilar Tirado Valencia, José Antonio Ariza Montes, Maria del Carmen López Martín, Mª Luz Ortega Carpio (asesores científicos en España)
    Giunti Progetti Educativi Srl.
    Year: 2015


We live in a time of great social, economic and political change. What happens on the other side of the planet, however distant it may seem to us, affects our lives. What happens here, now, the decisions we make as citizens, shape the present and point to the future. To these relationships of interdependence between the near and far we call globalisation.

Globalisation is not just an economic phenomenon, it is not just about money. Its economic-financial content hides other aspects that are just as important, that alter human relations. One of them is that globalisation has generated more inequality, more concentration of wealth and a marked impoverishment of large sectors of the population. In short, more exclusion. Because, today, the richest 20% of the world’s population consumes 80% of the world’s wealth. Inequality-exclusion-poverty, a trinomial that results in a lack of dignity. It is not dignified to live like this. It is not human to live like this. But where we see inequality and lack of opportunities, there are millions of people struggling to overcome them, to empower themselves, to get out of the spiral of extreme poverty with ingenuity, work and solidarity.

This book tries to discuss some of these aspects, to contribute to shed light on what seems to be a dark tunnel with no way out. For this material is full of life: the lives and stories of people in different parts of the world who are struggling to break the vicious circle of exclusion. We hope that the journey we are starting now to countries as far away as Bangladesh, Mozambique, Ecuador or Tunisia will help you to take on the commitment to participate with these people in the construction of a fairer and more equitable world. Because we deserve it. Because it is our world and we can make it a comfortable home for everyone.

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