Manual of managerial functions. Parliamentary rules. Rural savings and credit banks (CRAC). Record books

  • Authors:
    Fundación ETEA para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación, Agencia de Desarrollo Estratégico Local (ADELSAR)
    Fundación ETEA, ADELSAR
    Year: 2015


The current market and economic situation establishes as a priority the need to contribute to increasing the income, employment and food security opportunities of organized small producers, promoting their insertion into value chains and access of their enterprises and competitive rural businesses to domestic and foreign markets.

To this end, it is necessary to strengthen the organizational, administrative and business management capacities of rural organizations and communities so that they can participate in social, economic, commercial and territorial development.

This manual seeks to provide basic notions to improve the operation of 20 groups belonging to the Association of Microenterprises and Producers of the West (AMPRO), which were assisted within the framework of the project “Improvement of entrepreneurial and productive competencies of MSMEs in the economic corridor of western Honduras” developed by the ETEA Foundation and ADELSAR with financing from the European Union.

The objective is to offer a clearer vision of the benefits and characteristics of associativism, regardless of the form it takes, as well as the good practices that every organization should establish to achieve the benefit of the community, paying special attention to the roles that its leaders or managers should play. It also describes the necessary rules that should guide the meetings or assemblies of the organizations to achieve the proposed objectives.

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