Catalog of producer organizations and entrepreneurial ventures in the economic corridor of western Honduras

  • Authors:
    José Luis Cárdenas Lara y Osman O. Ordóñez Pineda (coords.)
    Fundación ETEA para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación, Agencia de Desarrollo Estratégico Local (ADELSAR)
    Year: 2015


The purpose of this catalog is to provide succinct and clear information about the organizations and businessmen and businesswomen served, allowing their own recognition, the dissemination of their main activities and achievements, and the generation of future contacts. There are two key elements. On the one hand, to manage and transfer knowledge. On the other, to provide a tool with which to build the sustainability of the actors in this project. In both aspects, ADELSAR, the ETEA Foundation and the Association of Microentrepreneurs and Producers of the West (AMPRO) have key responsibilities as development and cooperation institutions.

The first part of the catalog contains information on the producer organizations, including their background, main line of business, activities carried out and the achievements and impacts generated since the project. The second part of the catalog contains data on the entrepreneurs, with reference to their main activity, years of operation and economic activity.

It is important to highlight the importance of this project, which is now coming to an end, as it is the first experience that the ETEA Foundation and ADELSAR have jointly developed in the western part of the country. Its achievements have allowed to position this institutional binomial and begin to build proposals for the future, in key issues in the region, such as local economic development and labor insertion, to ensure a better quality of life for the inhabitants of this region of the country.

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