Development Education in the university space. A guide for collaboration between NGDOs and universities.

  • Authors:
    Mª Luz Ortega Carpio, Mª Rosa Cordón-Pedregosa, Antonio Sianes Castaño
    Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Fundación ETEA
    Year: 2014


The adoption of the European Higher Education Area has opened a particularly favorable environment to deepen this collaboration, as well as to encourage other NGDOs to approach the University in search of a strategic partner with which to collaborate in the promotion of global citizens. To this end, it is necessary for NGDOs to deepen their knowledge of the University: its organization and functioning, the new academic organization, its rhythms and priorities, etc.

The objective of this guide is to facilitate the participation of Spanish NGDOs in the university space in a coordinated manner with universities, offering, on the one hand, advice and recommendations for those NGDOs that want to initiate what could be a very fruitful collaboration with a particular university at the local level and, on the other hand, more specialized information to facilitate the implementation of a process of strategic reflection on their relationship with the University at the headquarters of NGDOs.

In order to move towards a University more committed to development and the fight against poverty, we must move towards a university training, research and social action more involved with other social actors that, like NGDOs, make the fight against poverty and the promotion of justice and development their raison d’être.

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