Educating for Global Citizenship in the university space. Good practices of collaboration between NGDOs and universities

  • Authors:
    Mª Luz Ortega Carpio, Mª Rosa Cordón-Pedregosa, Antonio Sianes Castaño
    Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Fundación ETEA
    Year: 2013


In recent years, we are witnessing in Spain a systematic process of questioning development aid, in what some authors have already described as an attempt to dismantle the Spanish system of cooperation and Development Education. In the face of this, there is a growing interest in the search for models of action that can serve as a guide for the promotion of an Education for Development that is transformative and generates critical citizenship. In the university space, one of the factors that has contributed the most to favor Education for Development has been the collaboration offered by Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDOs), which have placed their knowledge, capacities and experiences at the service of the University. In this way, collaboration between the University and NGDOs has become increasingly common in the different dimensions of Development Education: awareness raising, training, research and social mobilization and advocacy. How can NGDOs and the University collaborate to promote critical citizenship in the university space? What factors are key to the success of this collaboration? This book looks at a wide range of concrete experiences that help us to identify which criteria should be taken into account to implement Good Practices of collaboration. In these pages you will find the voices and efforts of many groups, NGDOs, universities, but above all of citizens who are convinced of the transformative potential of education, of its capacity to generate critical citizenship and that the University is a privileged space for this to happen. We hope that the reading of these Best Practices of collaboration will be a stimulus for their replication in the university space, thus contributing to the generation of a responsible, global, participatory, fair, critical and supportive citizenship.

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