Civil society and Central American integration

  • Authors:
    Francisco Santos Carrillo
    Fundación ETEA para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación. Colección de estudios centroamericanos Nº 3
    Year: 2013


This third volume of the ETEA Foundation’s Central American Studies Collection, as well as the research that supports it, responds to two key concerns: the need to deepen the rigorous study of the idiosyncrasy of the Central American integration process, and to do so from the perspective of civil society’s approach to it.

The author, Francisco Santos, has delved into the historical archives of the integration process and has conducted a wide range of interviews with those who have known and experienced the development of the institutionalization of the role of civil society, through the SICA Consultative Committee (CC-SICA), with the purpose of presenting the reader with a rigorous and exhaustive analysis of the role of civil society in Central American integration, thus combining the purely positive research that narrates this process with a serious and conscientious subjective and proactive reflection, supported by his deep knowledge of the region and of those who have been protagonists of the process.

One of the main contributions of this work is the academic analysis of the construction of spaces for civil society in the framework of the reactivation of the integration process in Central America, a very rare analysis on which there are few academic references and which is of undoubted interest for other integration experiences in Latin America and for studies on the representation of civil society and its participation in the design of policies.

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