Development education in the fight against poverty: input for university faculty (Spanish)

  • Authors:
    Mª Luz Ortega, Antonio Sianes, Mª Rosa Cordón
  • Publication:
    Revista de Fomento Social nº67, octubre-diciembre 2012
  • Year: 2012


This article is based on the reflection and practice carried out by the authors in their academic performance, and tries to show the possibilities that education for development brings to the exercise of university teaching and research from the perspective of the fight against poverty. To this end, the first part of the paper details the educational model offered by development education, its dimensions and fields, as well as the relevance of its presence in the university space. The second part shows some methodological tools and principles used by development education, which have a place in the current European Higher Education Area, and are likely to facilitate the exercise of a reflective, critical and emancipatory pedagogy by university professors.

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