Division of labor and complementarity in Andalusian development cooperation: education in the 2006-2010 period

  • Authors:
    Valeria Méndez de Vigo Montojo, José Manuel Moreno Domínguez (coords.), José Luis Pastoriza Rozas,
    Pablo Simón Rodríguez, Francis Santos Carrillo (elabor.)
    Entreculturas y Fundación ETEA para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación
    Year: 2012


With this research, Entreculturas and the ETEA Foundation want to make a contribution to the current debate on coordination, complementarity and division of labor, addressing the specific nature of decentralized cooperation and focusing on the following aspects:

  • The establishment of a framework for the analysis of the harmonization of actors in Spanish cooperation, with special attention to the specificities of the education sector and the identification of the comparative advantages of decentralized cooperation and non-state development actors.
  • The need to generate a dynamic quantitative and qualitative analysis of decentralized cooperation in the education sector. Andalusia was selected as the unit of analysis since it has a genuine public cooperation policy and ranks first among regional cooperation in absolute terms of ODA.
  • Recommendations were made to improve both the operational and planning instruments and the spaces and mechanisms for coordination and management of Andalusian ODA.

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