SICA and the EU: Regional integration in a comparative perspective

  • Authors:
    Pedro Caldentey del Pozo, José Juan Romero Rodríguez (editors)
  • Publication:
    Fundación ETEA para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación. Colección de estudios centroamericanos Nº 1
  • Year: 2010


This book is a remarkable contribution to the understanding of Central American integration and its institutional systems of decision making, execution and strategic legal structures. The main contribution of this work is its perspective of comparative analysis of regional integration that compares the developments achieved in Europe and Central America.

The long experience of the ETEA Foundation in European research of this type has been put to use in the knowledge of the subjects, groups, decisions, institutions, legal frameworks, objectives and forms of operation of the different levels of Central American regional action. The result has been a clearer vision of the achievements, progress, limitations, setbacks, difficulties and challenges of Central American integration.

Eleven authors present their studies with penetrating reflections and conclusions on the integration systems in Europe and Central America, which constitute forceful truths, many of them critical, that give rise to the formulation of reforms and action policies for the continuous improvement of Central American institutionality.

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