Latin America’s new moment

  • Authors:
    Gabriel Pérez Alcalá, Francisco Santos Carrillo, Pedro Caldentey del Pozo
  • Publication:
    Revista de Fomento Social, nº 243, julio-septiembre 2006
  • Edition:
    Publicaciones ETEA

The Revista de Fomento Social has published in its 243rd issue, July-September 2006, the editorial article “El nuevo momento de Latinoamérica”, a document developed by the Editorial Board of the journal in collaboration with Mr. Gabriel Mª Pérez Alcalá, Mr. Francisco Santos Carrillo and Mr. Pedro Caldentey del Pozo.

The text represents a reflection on the recent political changes in Latin American countries and the evolution of the economic situation in the region, as well as the current debate on the processes of trade liberalization and “integration”. By way of conclusion, some lines of progress are presented with essential proposals for the future of the subcontinent.

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