ODA in Education under review: An analysis of Spanish cooperation 1999/2004

  • Authors:
    Lucía Rodríguez y Mª Luz Ortega (coords.), Consuelo Velaz de Medrano, Cristina Manzanedo, Mercedes Torres, Ana Hernández (authors)
    Entreculturas and ALBOAN
    Year: 2005


“ODA in Education under review: an analysis of Spanish cooperation (1999/2004)” evaluates Spanish official aid to education and makes recommendations to optimize the strategies of Spanish cooperation policy in this area.

The project aims to:

  1. Define the concept of Education as a generator of Human Development.
  2. Identify and analyze the main instruments of ODA in education, as well as its priorities, objectives and lines of action.
  3. To study in a global way all the geographical areas that are recipients of ODA funds dedicated to education, although due to available information, volume, etc., it is done by regions and especially in Latin American countries.
  4. To carry out an analysis of some of the most significant experiences that have been carried out in the field of Education in Latin America.
  5. Present possible lessons learned from the evaluation of positive and negative effects.
  6. To formulate proposals for action in the area of ODA dedicated to the fulfillment of international commitments in education.

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